Charles Gersbach

Charles Gersbach
Rooney Family Associate Professor of Biomedical Engineering
Amgen Faculty Mentor
CMB - Clinical/Other
DSCB - Regenerative Medicine
Campus mail: 2353C CIEMAS, Durham, NC 27708
Phone: (919) 613-2147

Education and Training

  • Georgia Institute of Technology, B.S. 2001
  • Georgia Institute of Technology, Ph.D. 2006

Selected Grants and Awards


How vinculin regulates force transmission.

Focal adhesions mediate force transfer between ECM-integrin complexes and the cytoskeleton. Although vinculin has been implicated in force transmission, few direct measurements have been made, and there is little mechanistic insight.

Inducible regulation of Runx2-stimulated osteogenesis.

Ex vivo gene therapy is a promising approach to orthopedic regenerative medicine. These strategies typically focus on the constitutive overexpression of osteogenic factors to induce osteoblastic differentiation and matrix mineralization.