Alexander C Allori

Alexander C Allori
Assistant Professor of Surgery
Third Year Mentor - Anesthesiology, Surgery, and Environmental Physiology Study Program (ASEP)
Third Year Mentor - Master of Business Administration

My research interests cover the gamut of health-services research and include traditional clinical outcomes research, patient-reported outcomes, comparative effectiveness review, economic analysis, health-technology assessment, and management and policy studies. I have a particular interest in informatics, data analytics and visualization, and dissemination and implementation.

My goal is to develop “metrics that matter” — standardized methods to assess outcomes that are meaningful to patients. I focus especially on improving integration of these data into the clinical workflow of multidisciplinary teams, where communication and coordination of care are critical for success.

Education and Training

  • University of Texas Medical School at Houston, M.D. 2003
  • -, Surgical Internship, Beth Israel Medical Center
  • -, Surgical Residency, Beth Israel Medical Center
  • New York University, Clinical and basic Science Research, New York University Medicalcenter, Institute Of Reconstructive Plastic Surgery L
  • New York University, Surgical Residency, Beth Israel Medical Center
  • New York University, Chief Resident, Beth Israel Medical Center
  • Duke University, Plastic Surgery Resident
  • Harvard Medical School, Pediatric Plastic & Craniofacial, Boston Children's Hospital