Tune in each month to hear Dean Mary E. Klotman
offer her thoughts and ideas about important and
timely topics and issues related to medical education,
science and discovery, and patient care.



  Episode 1:
  Why is Diversity Important in Academic Medicine?

    Having a community that is diverse will enhance the way that we look at problems.


Episode 1 Transcript


  Episode 2:
  What is Data Science and Why is it Important?

    Data science allows us to analyze enormous data sets to improve health. 


Episode 2 Transcript


  Episode 3:
  What Did it Take to Change HIV From a Fatal
  Diagnosis to an Often-manageable Chronic

How can we learn from that success and apply it to other diseases?

Episode 3 Transcript   

 Episode 4: 
 "One Duke" . . . What does that really mean?



Episode 4 Transcript


  Episode 5: Translating Duke Health Initiative  

    In the coming year and beyond, how will Duke address society’s most significant
    scientific and healthcare challenges?



Episode 5 Transcript



  Episode 6: Why is it Important to Explore
  the Early-life Origins of Health and Disease?

    One of the aims of the Translating Duke Health Initiative is to explore the early-life origins
    of health and disease. 


Episode 6 Transcript


  Episode 7: What are Duke researchers doing to better
  understand Alzheimer’s and other brain diseases?

   What is being developed to prevent and treat these conditions?



Episode 7 Transcript


  Episode 08: Why is the Study of the Immune
  System so Important and What is the Impact
  of that Research?

    One of the most important breakthroughs in the last couple of years was
     where we found that you could actually engage the immune system as
     a therapeutic approach to cancer.

Episode 8 Transcript