Rapid Response Group Coaching

Monday, May 11, 2020
Two people at a desk talking

In an effort to support faculty and providers during this challenging time, the Duke School of Medicine Executive Coaching Program is offering free Rapid Response Group Coaching Sessions via Zoom. This service is currently provided by the Office for Faculty at no charge. Initial sessions are open to all SOM faculty members, and future sessions may be offered to a broader audience. Sessions are led by Executive Coaches Sharon Hull, MD, MPH, PCC and Jodi Hawes, MD (coach bios). 

Participants will be encouraged to foster community and sharing within the sessions, but will be required to maintain confidentiality outside the sessions. De-identified general themes may be summarized and shared by the coaches. We hope that the participants will find community, validation in shared experiences, and pearls of wisdom from their colleagues which can be applied to their daily lives.

Upcoming, 60-minute sessions will take place:​​​​

Tuesday, May 12, 2pm
Tuesday, May 14, 8am
Wednesday, May 20, 2pm
Thursday, May 21, 8am
Tuesday, May 26, 4pm
Thursday, May 28, 8am

Participants may attend as many (or as few) of these “drop in” coaching sessions as they'd like until May 31.

To participate, review and complete this Confidentiality Agreement. After completion of the Confidentiality Agreement, you will receive calendar invites for each date and an email with additional agenda & logistical information.  If you have any questions please contact Kyle Nunn at Kyle.Nunn@duke.edu