Duke’s Radiology Residency Program Named Best in Country

Wednesday, October 23, 2019
Logo: Duke Radiology, Duke University School of Medicine

The residency program in the Department of Radiology at Duke University School of Medicine has been named the Best Radiologist Training Program in the country as part of the 20th annual Minnies awards.

For two decades, the annual Minnies awards have served as a barometer of excellence in radiology. Novel aspects about the Department of Radiology’s residency program that stood out include a curriculum that has been adapted to emphasize sub-specialization, with all residents guaranteed a fellowship, according to AuntMinnie.com.

The flexibility of the resident’s fourth year also stood out as a benefit of the program. Some residents use the year for research, while others participate in mini-fellowships spending six months in a particular area that is distinct from their primary fellowship, essentially meaning that some residents have completed a dual fellowship by the time they graduate.

“I am proud to announce that Duke Radiology Residency is the winner of this year's ‘Minnie’s Best’ for the best residency training program in the country!” said Dr. Karen Johnson, MD, MS, associate professor of radiology in the School of Medicine and residency program director. “This honor further instills the Department of Radiology’s mission and commitment to training outstanding clinical radiologists who deliver excellent patient care.”