Process for Posting Actively Enrolling Studies on the Trial Information Pages (TIPs)

Thursday, November 8, 2018
By Duke Office of Clinical Research (DOCR)

Researchers and study teams who would like to bring awareness of clinical research opportunities to our patients and community are encouraged to post their actively enrolling studies on the Trial Information Pages (TIPs).  Posting of study information to the TIPs will be facilitated through the SIP (Study Information Portal) Console in OnCore.  

In order to assist study teams with completing the SIP Console using language that is easy for the general public to understand, the Duke Office of Clinical Research (DOCR) has developed a SIP training module available in LMS.  Job aids and tip sheets are available and included in the module to assist the user.  We strongly encourage study teams to review the training module prior to completing the SIP console. Recruitment Innovation Center (RIC) staff will be available to support study teams with writing and reviewing study information to ensure appropriate formatting on the Duke TIPs.

  • Course Title:  OnCore Training:  Using the SIP Console
  • Course ID:  DOCR-ONCR-240
  • Offering ID:  00129901
  • Course Description:  Develop an understanding of the SIP Console in OnCore

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This e-learning course will help study team members gain confidence in using the SIP Console in OnCore and will also provide a basic understanding of the importance of incorporating language into research documents that ease public understanding of research studies.

If you have questions about posting studies or preparing language that is easy to understand, please contact the RIC at or 919-681-5698.  If you have questions about the SIP training module, please contact