OnCore Training Announcement

Friday, March 16, 2018
By Duke Office of Clinical Research

OnCore Training  Announcement

OnCore Go Live Date:  May 21, 2018

Training for all clinical researchers will begin Monday, March 19th with the E-Learning Training Module,  OnCore Basic Navigation and will be available through the LMS.  All Duke Health Clinical Researchers must take the OnCore Basic Navigation course as a required prerequisite to their specific functional training.  The role-based modules are built on the foundation that the OnCore Basic Navigation provides. You may find it helpful to repeat this module several times over the next few weeks to prepare for the functional role training.

Functional training will be available beginning April 9th.

Accessing  Your OnCore Basic Navigation Module

You do not have to enroll for this course, DOCR will enroll learners automatically for the OnCore Basic Navigation course. If you do not receive an enrollment email from the LMS by end of business 03-19-2018 visit the DOCR OnCore Training Support Page, select the “My Required Training Classes” drop down, and select the “register” button associated with the OnCore Basic Navigation module.

Recommended Internet Browsers for E-Learning Modules
  • Google Chrome
  • Mozilla Firefox

Using Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox as a web browser may minimize issues in the E-Learning modules that we have identified as a result of using SABA (LMS).

Internet Explorer has not proven to be 100% compatible and does not always function properly when completing E-Learning modules via the LMS.

Due to the wide variety of device configurations that access the LMS at Duke, it can be difficult to prevent all issues when launching E-Learning courses and content. Refer to the DOCR OnCore Training Support Page for tips on ensuring your browser settings are compatible. 

To Launch the course:
  1. Log in to  the LMS (SABA)
  2. Click the My Learning 
  3. The OnCore Basic Navigation course is listed in your In-Progress Learning
  4. Click Launch to  start the course

Please note, there will also be an automated email from the LMS in your email in-box upon your enrollment.

After Completing the OnCore Basic Navigation Required Course

A description of the functional roles and required training is below. For additional information visit the DOCR OnCore Training Support Page.  Functional training will be available beginning April 9th.

OnCore Functional Roles

If there are questions as to which functional training(s) you should take , please consult your CRU management (ARPM, RPM). For issues related to registering, logistics , technical problems, and other details about the courses specifically contact DOCR-Training@duke.edu .