Making a Difference for Lung Transplant Patients

Tuesday, June 4, 2019
By Aliza Inbari
Scott Palmer Jr., MD’93, HS’93-’96, ’96-’99, MHS’00,

Scott Palmer Jr., MD’93, HS’93-’96, ’96-’99, MHS’00,

Duke is internationally recognized as a leader in clinical lung transplant and lung transplant research. Investigators at Duke have advanced our understanding of lung transplant rejection and developed more effective strategies to prevent infections after lung transplantation.

Scott Palmer Jr., MD’93, HS’93-’96, ’96-’99, MHS’00, in collaboration with other investigators at Duke and the Duke Clinical Research Institute, leads the Clinical Trials in Organ Transplant (CTOT) study, a multi-center clinical trials program funded by a $12.95 million National Institutes of Health grant, to better understand the clinical factors and biological mechanisms that lead to lung transplant rejection.

“A deeper understanding of these processes through prospective multi-center research will enable us to discover therapies to decrease the risk of lung rejection and improve long-term outcomes for our patients following lung transplant,” says Palmer.

The CTOT consortium includes five lung transplant centers: Duke University Hospital, the Cleveland Clinic, Johns Hopkins University, the University of California, Los Angeles, and the University of Toronto.

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