Free NIH Grant Review for Frontline Physician-Scientists

Monday, April 13, 2020





We Want to Thank You!

The Office of Physician-Scientist Development is partnering with Sherry Pagoto, PhD, Professor in the Department of Allied Health Sciences and Director of the Center for mHealth and Social Media at the University of Connecticut, in her national effort to match NIH-funded reviewers to frontline physician-scientists. 

Dr. Pagoto took to Twitter April 1st offering to organize a group of NIH-funded investigator volunteers to provide a free review of full or partial NIH grant proposals for physician-scientists who are occupied with increased clinical duties.

“Those of us who aren’t on the front lines would like to thank you for your tireless efforts by volunteering to help you move your research proposals forward while you are busy on the frontlines” said Pagoto.

If you would like your grant reviewed:

Email Dr. Sherry Pagoto your grant documents at and her team will match you as best as they can to a volunteer reviewer (NIH funded researcher). That person will read your proposal and give comments and feedback to help you improve it when you are ready to pick it up again. If you’d like the perspective of a particular expertise (e.g., health services researcher, epidemiologist), please let her know.


Duke scientists can help! If you are an NIH-funded researcher who would like to volunteer to review proposals, add your name to the list here. Please indicate if you are on a standing study section so we don’t create conflicts.