Duke Students, Resident and Fellow Elected to AΩA Medical Honor Society, Spring 2018

Tuesday, March 27, 2018
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Twice a year the Alpha Omega Alpha (AΩA) Medical Honor Society elects a small number of new members. The criteria include scholastic achievement, leadership capabilities, ethical standards, fairness in dealing with colleagues, demonstrated professionalism, achievement and/or potential for achievement in medicine, and a record of service to the school and community at large. Membership in AΩA is a distinction that accompanies a physician throughout his or her career. 

Please join us in congratulating the following members of our community who were elected to the Duke University School of Medicine chapter of the Alpha Omega Alpha Medical Honor Society for the Spring of 2018.

Medical Students

Isaac David Bleicher, Kelly Lynn Buchanan, James Clark Campbell
Isaac David Bleicher, Kelly Lynn Buchanan, James Clark Campbell

Emma Margaret Fixsen, Eliza Danielle Hompe, Emily Claire Lydon
Emma Margaret Fixsen, Eliza Danielle Hompe, Emily Claire Lydon

Julia Rose Salinaro, Banafsheh “Bean” Sharif-Askary, Erin Song
Julia Rose Salinaro, Banafsheh “Bean” Sharif-Askary, Erin Song

Resident & Fellow

Surgical Resident, Muath Bishawi, MD, Pediatric Rheumatology Fellow, Rebecca Sadun, MD

Surgical Resident, Muath Bishawi, MD, Pediatric Rheumatology Fellow, Rebecca Sadun, MD