Duke College Advising Corps is a Win-Win for Aspiring Physicians

Friday, October 26, 2018
Evan Murray, Mirai Matsuura and Alejandro De La Torre

Evan Murray and Mirai Matsuura, are Duke medical students and Alejandro De La Torre is at Texas Christian University Medical School.

Two current Duke medical students participated in the College Advising Corps before applying to medical school.

Working as a doctor and serving as a college adviser may seem like very different careers, but Evan Murray, T’17, sees quite a few parallels. 

“Much like patients seeking care,” Murray said, “students who come into our office are seeking guidance through a very complicated process, and our responsibility is to break it down in a way that fits their needs and helps them make the right choices.” 

Murray is one of six Duke College Advising Corps (CAC) members who will be attending medical school in the fall after spending a year as near-peer college advisors at underserved high schools across North Carolina. He and the other aspiring physicians in this year’s CAC cohort expect to draw on their experiences in North Carolina schools as they learn to care for patients. 

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