Duke Clinical Research Update May 19, 2021

Wednesday, May 19, 2021
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REDCap Office Hours


Email redcap-docr@duke.edu to schedule a virtual session at one of the times indicated below.

Tuesdays 10 AM, virtual sessions
Wednesdays 10 AM, virtual sessions

Thursdays 2 PM, virtual sessions

Fridays 10 AM, virtual sessions


SlicerDicer Office Hours

Thursdays, 2 PM, via WebEx

Click for SlicerDicer Tipsheets


PACE Office Hours

Every other Tuesday, 1 PM, via WebEx.  Click for information.




CAMRD Scanner Update

We are excited to announce that the MRI scanner in the Center for Advanced MR Development (CAMRD) will be getting a hardware and software upgrade in July.


The new system will be a Siemens Prisma (3Tesla) with MR XA30A software.  This upgrade includes replacement of hardware including a new gradient system and imaging coils.


The anticipated downtime is from July 14 to August 6 2021.  We will be working with study coordinators to ease the impact of this scheduling down time.


Study teams with active studies should have received a REDCap survey by email.


Please contact the CAMRD team via email with any questions: CAMRD-technologists.dm @duke.edu.


Maestro Care:  MedLink Research Monitor Security Updates

On May 4 updates were made to MedLink Research Monitor security.  Prior to the change, there were three tabs available within a Patient’s record: Chart Review, Histories and Search Chart.  With a few clicks and scrolling, medications, labs and flow sheet information were accessible via the Chart Review tab.  The Patient’s Problem List was not accessible.


As of May 4, new tabs have been added, including: Snapshot, Results Review, Flowsheets, and Medications.  The Problem List is easily viewed in Snapshot.  Results Review offers many options to quickly view labs needed for research monitoring.  The other tabs make the corresponding information accessible and with fewer clicks and less time spent navigating the record.

OnCore screen shot showing new tab options


Quick Links offers tutorials that users may find helpful.

Screen shot of OnCore Quick Links tutorials


For questions or assistance, please contact the DOCR Maestro Care team at docr-maestrocare@duke.edu.





OnCore and Service Now

Did you know that emailing OnCore@dm.duke.edu creates a Service Now ticket and Send Secure emails can’t be opened from within Service Now?   


If you need to include PHI in a Service Now request, please submit a ticket from the Duke Service Now website, https://duke.service-now.com/sp?id=index, (Get It > Research > Request for OnCore and eReg Binder Support).  Include the PHI in the Sensitive Information (PHI) Box.

Screen shot of OnCore Support Sensitive Information PHI Box




DOCR and PPE Ordering

Since June 2020, DOCR has managed the ordering and distribution of PPE for clinical research teams due to global supply chain shortages.


Duke Procurement notified us this week that many vendors have started filling orders at pre-COVID levels.


Effective today, DOCR is not accepting new orders for PPE to distribute to clinical research teams. Instead, these items can be purchased directly via SAP or Buy@Duke. If you have an existing order with DOCR scheduled for pickup, your order will still be filled and available during your assigned pickup window.


If you have any questions, please contact docr.help@dm.duke.edu.


Thank you for partnering with us to secure the PPE necessary for clinical research activities.


Research Professionals Network (RPN):  Team Management and Microsoft Teams

Team Management and Microsoft Teams

Thursday, May 20, 2021 at 1:00 on WebEx

Research Professionals Network logo

Managing a team-based project was never easy, and being remote or “hybrid” does not tend to make it any easier. Using Microsoft Teams as one example of an ‘all-in-one’ solution, we will discuss some of the core tasks involved in managing a research team, such as Chat-based Communication, Task Management, Meeting Planning, Note Sharing, Group Brainstorming and Presenting, and Document Sharing/Management. Please join us for this Microsoft Teams Demo-based presentation.


Speakers:  Byron Hauser, Michelle Mack, and Ted Snyderman.


WebEx Link:





Join by meeting number

Meeting number (access code): 120 944 3218

Meeting password: mmCpGDMQ484 


Learn more about the Research Professionals Network at docr.som.duke.edu


ClinicalTrials.gov Corner

Did you know that ClinicalTrials.gov defines the completion dates in terms of data collection and not data analysis?  The Primary Completion Date should reflect the last date you collect data from the last participant for your primary outcome measure(s).  The Study Completion Date should reflect the last date you collect data from the last participant for all secondary outcomes and any AEs.  The formal definitions for completion dates and additional guidance for the other fields in the study status section of the record and the can be found at this link.   


If you have questions about a current or new registration, please contact us at DOCR-CTGOV@dm.duke.edu.


Updates for November 2021 Tier Advancement Cycle

Thank you all for your submissions! Submissions for Tier Advancement 2021 are now closed. You will receive information later this week with how to proceed.


In the May 5th Clinical Research update we shared candidates for Tier Advancement should call the Duke Testing Center to schedule a proctored testing session. Instead of calling, we are asking candidates to find a proctored testing appointment via this link: https://duke.qualtrics.com/jfe/form/SV_6u4TKAi3b73wE2V


For the 2021 cycle of Tier Advancement, we are implementing a defined difference between employees who "chose not to test" on an assessment and "does not meet fundamental" on an assessment. If you choose not to take an assessment that you had previously indicated you would take, please do not include that item in your Box folder. If the assessment that you decided not to take is included during your manager review, your manager should remove it from your folder. The manager should also mark the assessment as "chose not to test" in the REDCap results form. If an assessment is turned in and has any marking, signing, etc. on it, the assessment will be marked as does not meet Fundamental by the WE-R team. If you have any questions, please contact us at wer-jobs@duke.edu.




Community Engaged Research Initiative


The CTSI’s Community Engaged Research Initiative (CERI) works within and beyond Duke to promote community engaged research by building research-ready communities and community-ready researchers, facilitating meaningful and equitable partnerships and collaborations between community stakeholders and academic investigators, and fostering authentic communication between academic and community partners to improve the health and healthcare of the community.


CTSI recognizes that collaborating with the community in research is the foundation of improving public health. The goals of community engagement are to increase public trust in the research enterprise and to improve overall public health.


Some ways that CERI can support community-ready research teams within Duke include:

  • CERI’s e-Library, which leverages existing local and national resources around community engaged research (CEnR).  The e-Library equips both community-based organizations (CBOs) and researchers with training, videos, and other capacity-building tools for researchers and community partners to equitably and fully engage in CEnR. Through CEnR, CBOs and Universities can form mutually beneficial, equitable, robust, and collaborative partnerships to change and improve community and population health.
  • CERI’s Consultation services help to assess and enhance stakeholder’s readiness to successfully partner in community-engaged research. This program has a robust evaluation component to track, modify, and measure program activities and outcomes.
  • Population Health Improvement Awards that identify and promote the most promising collaborations toward the development of a research question and provide support to establish pilot data for community-partnered fundable proposals. Learn more about the awards.
  • CERI works closely with a group of AME Zion faith leaders who are trained research advisors that may be able to help you to gain further insight on developing community-engaged research projects. African Methodist Episcopal (AME) Zion Health Equity Advocates & Liaisons (HEAL) Partnership


To hear more about CERI, please listen here to the director, Sabrena Mervin-Blake presenting CEnR on Research Wednesday (5/12/21) recording.


The CTSI Community Engaged Research Initiative (CERI) facilitates equitable, authentic, and robust community-engaged research to improve health. Would you like to participate in CERI’s programs, schedule a consultation, or just have a question? Request a service.  


As always, please Contact us for any of your research needs!  We can help you develop engaging eConsents, MyChart messages, websites, engagement letters, research notices, and more!



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Upcoming DOCR Training Offerings

DOCR training offerings are available in the Duke LMS. There are 2 easy ways to find all DOCR classes: Enter “DOCR” in the search field and click Search, or click the Category link, and then click the DOCR link. The results display all the offerings currently available from DOCR. Hint: If you want to bookmark the Duke LMS in your browser, edit the bookmark to this address:




Upcoming training offerings can be viewed by month on the DOCR Calendar.


Detailed information about each offering and direct links to the offering are also available on the DOCR website under Available DOCR Trainings.




  • The Neurology CRU welcomes Debbie Dahnke




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