2019 Leadership and Career Development Programs Roster

Friday, January 11, 2019

Congratulations to the recently-selected participants in the School of Medicine Office for Faculty’s four annual Career and Leadership Development Programs! Participants in these four programs were nominated by their departmental leaders and were competitively selected. The 2019 programs begin in February. Learn more about each of these opportunities below. Congratulations to the 2019 participants!

ADVANCE-UP: Academic Development, Advocacy, Networking, Coaching and Education for Underrepresented Populations

ALICE: Academic Leadership, Innovation, and Collaborative Engagement for mid-career women faculty

DCLP: Duke Clinical Leadership Program

LEADER: Leadership Development for Researchers

2019 Leadership and Career Development Programs Roster



ADVANCE-UP, Terrence Allen, MBBS

ADVANCE-UP, Yasmin Maisonave, MD

ALICE, Rebecca Schroeder, MD

DCLP, Negmeldeen Mamoun, MD

DCLP, Virginia "Chris" Muckler, DNP

DCLP, Lance Roy, MD

LEADER, Anne Cherry, MD

LEADER, Vijay Krishnamoorthy, MD, PhD

LEADER, Jamie Privratsky, MD, PhD


Biostatistics and Bioinformatics

LEADER, Hwanhee Hong, PhD


Cell Biology

LEADER, Yarui Diao, PhD


Community and Family Medicine

ADVANCE-UP, Nadine Barrett, PhD

DCLP, Ann Dorsey, MD

LEADER, Lavanya Vasudevan, PhD


Duke- NUS

LEADER, Lena Ho, PhD

LEADER, Chetna Malhotra, MD, MPH



ADVANCE-UP, John Duronville, MD

ADVANCE-UP, Alem Kahsai, PhD

ADVANCE-UP, Oluwatoyosi Onwuemene, MD

ALICE, Heidi White, MD

ALICE, Aimee Zaas, MD

DCLP, Megan Brooks, MD, MPH

DCLP, Eliseu Chuang, MD

DCLP, Beatrice Hong, MD

DCLP, Daniella Zipkin, MD

LEADER, Larry Jackson II, MD

LEADER, Jatin Roper, MD

LEADER, Kathryn Starr, PhD


Molecular Genetics and Microbiology

ALICE, Debra Silver, PhD



LEADER, Eva Naumann, PhD



DCLP, Mary Guhwe, DNP

DCLP, Aatif Husain, MD

DCLP, Matthew Luedke, MD



ADVANCE-UP, Anthony Fuller, MD

ALICE, Anna Terry, MD

LEADER, Derek Southwell, MD, PhD

LEADER, Eric Thompson, MD


Obstetrics and Gynecology


ALICE, Anne Steiner, MD

DCLP, Richard Duncan, MD

LEADER, Liping Feng, MD


Orthopaedic Surgery

ADVANCE-UP, Sergio Mendoza-Lattes, MD

DCLP, Mark Easley, MD



DCLP, Chad McCall, MD, PhD

LEADER, ming chen, PhD

LEADER, Giselle López, MD, PhD



ADVANCE-UP, Ibukunoluwa Akinboyo, MD

ADVANCE-UP, Genevieve Fouda, MD, PhD

ADVANCE-UP, Michelle White, MD,MPH

ALICE, Emily Hannon, MD

ALICE, Aditee Narayan, MD

DCLP, Richard Chung, MD

DCLP, Donald Ellis, MD

DCLP, Kevin Hill, MD

DCLP, Sara Page, MD

LEADER, Ibukunoluwa Akinboyo, MD

LEADER, Matthew Kelly, MD

LEADER, Andrew Landstrom, MD, PhD

LEADER, Monica Lemmon, MD

LEADER, Michelle White, MD, MPH

LEADER, Charles Wood, MD, MPH


Population Health Sciences

ALICE, Amy Corneli, PhD

ALICE, Leah Zullig, PhD

LEADER, Emily O'Brien, PhD

LEADER, Marc Ryser, PhD

LEADER, Megan Shepherd-Banigan, PhD

LEADER, Helene Vilme, DrPH


Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences

ADVANCE-UP, Sarah Wilson, PhD

ALICE, Leslie Bronner, MD, DrPH

ALICE, Nicole Heilbron, PhD

DCLP, Gary Maslow, MD

LEADER, Andrada Neacsiu, PhD

LEADER, Katherine Ramos, PhD

LEADER, Eve Puffer, PhD


Radiation Oncology

DCLP, Lei Ren, PhD

LEADER, Gita Suneja, MD



ALICE, Karen Johnson, MD

DCLP, Daniele Marin, MD, PhD

LEADER, Timothy Amrhein, MD


School Of Nursing

LEADER, Mitchell Knisely, PhD

LEADER, Tolu Oyesanya, PhD



ALICE, Sandhya Lagoo-Deenadayalan, MD, PhD

DCLP, Kelli Brooks, MD

DCLP, Michael Ferrandino, MD

DCLP, Aaron Lentz, MD

LEADER, Daniel Buckland, MD, PhD

LEADER, Susan Emmett, MD, MPH

LEADER, Stephanie Eucker, MD, PhD

LEADER, Dennis Frank-Ito, PhD

LEADER, George Kasotakis, MD, MPH