2019 Basic Science Poster Session Posters


Posters presented by PhD Students and Postdoctoral appointees

1st Place Poster

  • Prigge, PhD, Cameron
    Retinal direction-selective circuitry requires FLRT2 and Unc5C for selective laminar dendrite targeting

2nd Place Poster

  • Ruis, Matt
    Pollutant concentration on the fetal side of the placenta: Implications for thyroid hormone dysregulation

3rd Place Poster

  • Weber, Ceri
    STAT3 regulation of temperature-dependent sex determination in turtles​


Aggarwal, PhD, Nupur  
Role of Osteopontin in T cell-mediated acute graft versus host disease (aGVHD)

Bartholf DeWitt, Suzanne  
ATRX mutations increase tumorigenicity in osteosarcoma

Bourgeois, Jeffrey    
Methionine metabolism facilitates cross-kingdom signaling to suppress Salmonella virulence

Bowie, Emily    
Spinocerebellar ataxia type 11-associated alleles of Ttbk2 dominantly interfere with ciliogenesis and cilium stability

Chhetri, Abhishek    
(1,3)-β- -glucan synthase is a processive polymerase that polymerizes from the non-reducing end of glucan

Corona, Armando  
TGFBI in the breast cancer microenvironment promotes TGF-B signaling to increase tumor progression

Erata, Eda  
Mouse model analysis of a novel driver of Epilepsy-Aphasia Syndrome

Esther, Jieun    
Lysosome Rich Enterocytes (LREs) Mediate Protein Absorption in the Vertebrate Gut

Hoj, Jacob    
The ABL kinases regulate diverse transcriptional networks required for lung cancer brain metastasis

Hua, Thuy  
Identification of a Potent Central Pain-Suppression Circuit in the Amygdala

Hur, Woonyung    
CDK-regulated phase separation seeded by histone genes ensures precise growth and function of Histone Locus Bodies

Jones, Aaron  
A Weighted Generalized Score Statistic for Comparison of Two Correlated Proportions: Further Results

Nagai, PhD, Maira  
Smelling sulfur in Wilson's disease: How does copper metabolism affect olfaction?

Parker, Morgan  
c-Maf regulates the plasticity of group 3 innate lymphoid cells by restraining the type 1 program

Priest, Shelby  
RNAi loss unleashes transposons causing antimicrobial drug resistance in a global human pathogen

Sanderson, Sydney  
Na+/K+ ATPase Inhibition Disrupts Central Carbon and Mitochondrial Metabolism

Siecinski, Stephen  
Molecular Mechanisms of Social Behavior: From Clinical Trials to Animal Models

Solomon, Nicole    
Asymptotic Properties and Optimal Threshold Selection in Record Linkage Analyses

Xu, PhD, Lingfan  
A glutaminase isoform switch drives therapeutic resistance and disease progression of prostate cancer

Zhang, PhD, Yang  
TMEM16F phospholipid scramblase mediates cell-cell fusion and controls placental development