2018: The Year in Discovery at Duke

Monday, January 7, 2019


School of Medicine stories are among Duke Today's best reads in Duke scholarship of 2018.

Scientists Find Stomach Cells in Lung Cancer

imaging of gut cells

A surprising discovery of unexpected cells in a cancer tumor underscores the amazing resilience and plasticity of cancer cells. Read More.

Promising Results on Poliovirus for Glioblastoma

Dr. Friedman in Surgery

The first study of the efficiacy of poliovirus therapy is giving some hope for glioblastoma patients. The treatment has raised the three-year survival rate by more than five times. Read More.

A Superhighway to the Brain

Duke research of the gut-brain connection is overturning long-held beliefs about how signals travel to the brain, and may also provide tantalizing new pathways to study obesity, eating disorders, and even depression and autism. Read More.

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