Office of Communications


Jill Boy
Associate Dean for Communications

(919) 613-8637

Dave Hart
Director of Editorial Services

Andrea Martin
Director of Digital and Creative Services

Beky Branagan, Web Manager
(919) 668-0150

Jennifer Carpenter
Web Development Project Manager
(919) 385-3182

Rob Cooper
Web Applications Developer
(919) 668-4379

Ann Davis
Development Projects Coordinator
919 385 3198

Bernadette Gillis
Senior News Writer/Producer
(919) 385-3103

Lindsay Key
Senior Science Writer
(919) 660-2422

Alissa Kocer
Communications Strategist
(919) 668-4379

David Pickel
Graphic Communications Specialist, Design Services
(919) 385-3190

Jim Rogalski
Senior Public Relations Specialist
(919) 385-3183

Angela Spivey
Senior News Writer/Producer
(919) 385-3192

Physical Location: 425 Davison Building, Duke Clinics
Campus PO Box: 2927

School of Medicine Communicators Network
A listing of communications contacts for various departments, centers, institutes, & programs within the School of Medicine