Resources for Successful Zoom Interviews and Meetings

Set Up Your Duke Zoom Account

  1. Use your Enterprise Zoom account
    • Duke has an agreement in place for all on-campus DUHS & DU faculty, students, and staff to have a Zoom account.
    • To activate, go to and sign-in.
  2. Ensure your personal room is password protected
    • To enable the password, go to and log in.
    • Select “Meetings” and then select “Personal Meeting Room”
    • At the bottom click “Edit this meeting”
    • Check “Require meeting password” then put in a passwordYou can find more Zoom privacy and security tips here.
  3. Enable the “Waiting Room” on your account, instructions
  4. Enable “Mute on Entry”
    • To enable “Mute on Entry”, go to and log in.
    • Select “Settings” on the right navigation menu
    • Scroll down to “Mute participants upon entry” and click the slider to enable it
  5. Assign a co-host to assist with managing larger sessions, instructions
  6. For large sessions (200+) consider the webinar service 

Tips for Looking Your Best and Conducting a Successful Meeting

  1. Frame Yourself Well with Your Camera. Make sure your face and shoulders can be seen. Don’t sit to close to the web camera and not to far away. You should take up most of the shot. 
  2. Look at your Camera. Find the little green light on your laptop or web camera. Now you’re looking at the other people on the call. Looking someone in the eyes communicates sincerity and interest in what they are saying. 
  3. A blank wall is a good backdrop. The virtual backdrops might be fun but can look unprofessional and too casual for a formal interview meeting. Plus a busy background can distract someone from understanding what you’re trying to say. 
  4. School of Medicine has a branded virtual background available for use. Consider these best practices when using it: 
  5. Lots of even light is best. Don’t let your computer screen be the only source of light in the room. Avoid lamps that point directly at you and create glare. Keep windows in front of you, not behind you. 
  6. Be Yourself. Be Energetic. – Get plenty of rest before a meeting, smile. Introduce yourself when it’s your turn. 
  7. Dress Professionally. Suits are appropriate, Ties for Men 
  8. Mute your Mic when you’re not speaking 
  9. Try not to use acronyms. Don’t assume people know what short abbreviated words mean. Say “Duke Medicine Pavilion” Not “D-M-P” 
  10. Take Turns. Let others finish speaking. Don’t talk over others. Video conferencing technology can make it hard to hear what people are saying if we interrupt. 
  11. Turn off Other Apps – Email and messaging apps pop up and make sounds other may hear on the call. It’s distracting and may end up in a recording. Make sure VPN is off. It can take up bandwidth you need for your call. 

Tips for Conducting Virtual Interviews