SoM Events, Announcements, and Digital Signage

School of Medicine events are listed on the School of Medicine page on the Duke Events Calendar. Tag the School of Medicine as a cosponsor of your event in the Duke Calendar and it will automatically appear on the calendar list as well as on the SoM Web site Calendar.  The Duke Events link will be distributed every other week in the Highlights from the Blog newsletter.

If your announcement is of interest to individuals in a specific unit only, please contact the communicator for that unit instead of completing this form. A list of unit communicators is available at  SoM Communicators Network 

Digital Display Panels

To post your event on the Trent Semans Center and/or MSRB 3 digital display panel, please submit a widescreen 16:9 PowerPoint slide or Adobe Acrobat File (preferred) of your slide using one of these templates and the form below.  The file name should be "date of the event (use periods not slashes), underscore, name of the event."  

Example:  01.01.19_my.event

Please email a .pdf of your slide to Beky Branagan  

Feel free to call  or email you have any questions or concerns. (919) 668-0150

Download Slide Templates