Duke University School of Medicine seeks the brightest students from the U.S. and throughout the world. We look for promising students with vision, talent, creativity, and a passion for medical learning, leadership, and service – and they look for us. For more than 80 years, Duke has educated generations of medical professionals who make groundbreaking discoveries, transform the face of health care, and help and heal untold numbers of people. 


Scholarship and Fellowship Dinner: April 27, 2018

We are grateful for the generous donors who have committed $10,000 or more to the School of Medicine or School of Nursing to support scholarships, fellowships, and other student support funds, sustaining endowed and expendable sources of financial assistance for future leaders in the health professions. Here is audio from speakers at the event on April 27: 


Yasmine Tameze-Rivas, Medical Annual Fund Davison Scholarship


"I don't think I could thank you enough for your investment. I can only hope to one day pay it forward and help students follow their dreams the same way as you are helping me live mine."

Yasmine Tameze-Rivas, Medical Annual Fund Davison Scholarship

Fast Facts

  • The average Duke medical student now graduates with an average of $107,000 in debt. 
  • Scholarships allow students to choose the path they are most passionate about, not just the one that may yield the highest income.


Scholarships for Students Who Will Change the World

An investment in scholarships is an investment not only in a student’s education, but in the beneficial impact that students will have on the lives of others for a lifetime. Endowed scholarships extend that promise to future generations of students in perpetuity.

Endow a Scholarship and Give Students Ongoing Annual Support

  • $100,000 will establish an unrestricted financial aid endowment, such as a scholarship supporting undergraduates or medical students.
  • $250,000 will establish a restricted financial aid endowment, such as a scholarship that gives preference to certain majors, international students, or athletes.
  • $10,000 to the Medical Scholarship Fund will fund a student for one year. You will be assigned a student and be invited to our scholarship event.

Endowment FAQs 


For many of these students, access to the education that fuels success is attainable only thanks to the availability of scholarship funds.

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The Value of Medical Scholarships 

Duke medical students say Thank You! to the generous donors who provided them with scholarships that are enabling them to attend Duke.










Blue Devils Helping Blue Devils 

Grateful Alumnus Establishes Trust and Scholarship for MD/PhD Students












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