Grant Writing Programs

The Office for Research Mentoring supports two grant writing programs:  the Path to Independence Program and K Club.  


The Office for Research Mentoring is now accepting applications for the Fall Path to Independence Program and K Club.  Workshops run through October, with a goal submission to NIH in February. There are several documents you'll need to prepare in advance of submitting an application; be sure to view the application guide below first!

Click here to view an application guide.

How do I know which program to apply for?

If you are applying for an NIH R01, R03, or R21, you should apply for the Path to Independence Program.  If you are applying for an NIH Career Development Award (K Series), you should apply for the K Club.

When should I start thinking about my application?

As soon as possible!  Program application opens 5 months before the NIH deadline.   Before applying for either the Path to Independence Program or the K Club, you should have vetted your scientific plan with your mentors.

What do I need for the application?

Before you apply, you should make sure you have time to dedicate to grant writing.  The program has proven to be most successful when participants complete all program components.  The application requires a draft abstract and aims page, and for K Club, a list of people on your mentoring team.  You will also need to have a signed Memorandum of Understanding.

Who do I contact if I have questions about these programs?

You can contact anyone on the Office for Research Mentoring staff.  We are always happy to answer questions, come up with the right resource for you, and think about potential mentoring plans.  For general program questions, contact

Are there any resources for non-NIH grants?

Both formalized programs (Path to Independence Program and K Club) are structured around the NIH application process and timeline.   Thus, while there are several grant mechanisms that are very close the NIH structure, contact our office before applying if you need support for any non-NIH application.  We can let you know if the Path to Independence Program or K Club would be helpful, or if you would be better suited to work with us individually so we can develop alternative resources.  

What are the New NIH guidelines on Data Rigor and Reproducibility?

See lecture by Dr. Joanna Downer where this is explained. 

General Program Structure

For upcoming dates corresponding to the next program cycle, click here.  


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