Executive Coaching Program Testimonials

"Sharon is very good at what she does.  She is sharp, efficient, insightful and approachable.  I was surprised by how much we covered in just two sessions.  Following each I felt energized and challenged (in an affable, productive way), with a more refined focus on my career goals, personal values and priorities, and with a concrete plan for next steps.  One month later, I continue to revisit my notes from our work together, and each time come away with one or two new pearls and a fresh perspective."


"Dr. Hull is the ideal career coach and mentor.  In our sessions, I found Sharon to be extremely knowledgeable and perceptive.  Her advice was practical, personalized, and on-target!"


“I highly valued my first coaching session with Sharon.  She impressed me with her experience interpreting the results of my 360 reviews as well as her validation and categorization of my early leadership experiences at Duke.  She is perceptive and direct but simultaneously able to create a safe space for personal reflection and growth.”


“Busy Duke faculty members do not often have the opportunity to spend time with someone who is specifically committed to helping them achieve their career objectives and be part of meaningful initiatives at our institution.  I am grateful for the chance, and I’m sure other faculty would be as well.”


“Dr. Hull provides insightful coaching and leadership development by providing a framework for interpreting 360 evaluations and asking pointed, yet thoughtful, questions about career plans and goals.  She is a good listener and has a wealth of experience to draw upon which is helpful as one examines his/her own leadership path.”

"...The Executive Coach provides an essential and unique perspective, which is purely UNBIASED by either research or clinical interests – something that generally cannot be provided by any other mentors or advisors at the institution.

She (Sharon Hull) helps to clear the ‘mind clutter’ that is a side effect of being immediately wrapped up in multiple different roles in order to identify priorities, then set up a simplified plan for division and use of time... I have strongly recommended it to all of my junior faculty friends!"