Clinical Science Tracks for Promotion

For reference purposes, this content is a static archive of the Clinical Sciences Faculty Appointments, Promotion & Tenure website previously at the URL on December 15, 2020. The content herein has been superseded by the 2020 Clinical Sciences APT Guidelines effective July 1, 2020 for new faculty (start date on or after July 1, 2020) and existing faculty effective January 1, 2021 (absent exercising of the option to opt-out of the new APT Guidelines until subsequent promotion or December 30, 2025, whichever occurs first).   

Faculty in the clinical sciences at Duke may be promoted on one of five tracks, also referred to as pathways for promotion. The track system is designed to explicitly reward the variety of career pathways that are valued and needed at Duke. Each track has its own set of criteria for evaluating promotion and tenure decisions. Tracks 1-3 are tenure eligible pathways. Tracks 4-5 are non-tenure track. All new faculty members in the Clinical Sciences are initially appointed to either the Academic Clinician (Track 4) or Academic Research (Track 5) non-tenure tracks as agreed upon by the faculty member and the department chair. A change from these tracks to one of the tenure tracks normally occurs at the Associate Professor rank for those who are deemed potentially eligible for tenure. Track assignments may be changed only with the mutual agreement of the faculty member and the departmental chair. The tenure clock begins at the first appointment to any of the five tracks.

Quick Reference Guide to Promotion and Tenure Policies for Clinical Departments

Use the links below to learn more about each track and the criteria for promotion on each pathway. Although the criteria outlined here provide a general overview of the achievements needed to progress from one rank to the next, it is expected that faculty will demonstrate their achievements in unique ways. Departments may also have additional guidelines that reflect their departmental priorities. Faculty are encouraged to request an annual review by their department to assess their progress toward readiness for promotion and/or tenure review.

Track 1  Clinician Practitioner - Educator ‐ Administrator.  For faculty who are primarily engaged in patient care, clinical service functions, teaching, or administration

Track 2  Researcher/Clinician‐Practitioner/Teacher.  For Faculty who hold MDs, MD/PhDs, PhDs and who are either clinician‐scientists or are scientists who perform basic or clinical research and are engaged in patient care or service functions.

Track 3  Researcher/Teacher.  Faculty who hold MDs, MD/PhDs, PhDs and who typically spend 75% or more of their time in research.

Track 4  Academic Clinician.  Non-tenured faculty who have some clinical component to their professional activity and are committed to a career in academic medicine.

Track 5  Research.  Faculty who are engaged largely in research endeavors (usually 80% or more) and instruction, and who have little involvement in patient care.