Clinical Science Faculty Regular Rank Titles and Job Codes

For reference purposes, this content is a static archive of the Clinical Sciences Faculty Appointments, Promotion & Tenure website previously at the URL on December 15, 2020. The content herein has been superseded by the 2020 Clinical Sciences APT Guidelines effective July 1, 2020 for new faculty (first date of hire on or after July 1, 2020) and existing faculty effective January 1, 2021 (absent exercising of the option to opt-out of the new APT Guidelines until subsequent promotion or December 30, 2025, whichever occurs first).    

Regular Rank

Tenure Track

Job Code
1541    Professor (Tenure), Track I, II or III
1545    Professor (secondary or joint)
1546    Associate Professor, Track I, II or III
1542    Associate Professor (Tenure)
1547    Assistant Professor, Track I, II or III

Non Tenure Track

Job Code
1581    Professor - Track IV
1584    Professor - Track V
1525    Professor of the Practice
1582    Associate Professor-Track IV
1585    Associate Professor-Track V
1526    Associate Professor of the Practice
1583    Assistant Professor - Track IV
1586    Assistant Professor - Track V
1527    Assistant Professor of the Practice
1548    Medical Instructor


Track details and criteria 

Process documents for Regular Rank Faculty:
The original paper file and an email with scanned word files of the following should be submitted to the Faculty APT Office, 116 Davison Building, green zone, Box 3654.

  • Chair Recommendation Letter to the Dean
  • Departmental APT Committee Report (Associate Professor or Professor)
  • Intellectual Statement (Associate Professor or Professor)
  • Letters of evaluations
    • 3 for Medical Instructor & Assist. Prof.
    • 6 for Associate Professor & Professor
  • CV in Duke Format
  • List of Publications
    • Associate Professor – top 5
    • Professor – top 10
  • Degree Verification
  • Signed Faculty Offer approved in DMR
  • Completion of dFac and iForms