Diversity and inclusion are not just academic buzzwords. They are an essential component of academic medicine, both to promote equity and fairness among our employees, and to fulfill the School of Medicine's mission for excellence in education, research, and clinical care.

Our Office of Diversity & Inclusion is committed to building an environment where all students, faculty, and staff from varying backgrounds and life experiences feel belonging, engaged, and productive. The Multicultural Resource Center and the IDEALS office help us further this commitment.

As an academic medical center, it is our responsibility to train and mentor future clinicians and scientists who reflect, understand and appreciate diversity. We live in an aging and diversifying nation where disparities can limit healthcare access and lead to disproportionately poor outcomes. Addressing health disparities, improving community health, and leading efforts to eliminate health inequalities are essential to the School of Medicine and Duke Health's mission. The Duke University School of Medicine works to attract and retain a diverse cadre of outstanding talent who positively impact how we teach, and learn and serve in an increasingly diverse world.

The Multicultural Resource Center (MRC) works to achieve and deliver a culturally competent medical education.

Recent News

The diversity problem in science

COVID-19 has highlighted not only a national crisis in healthcare response, but also longstanding health disparities across racial and socioeconomic groups

LATIN-19 Co-founders discuss COVID-19's impact on the Latinx community

Duke University School of Medicine Dean Mary E. Klotman, MD, talks with co-founders of Duke’s LATIN-19 initiative Viviana S. Martinez-Bianchi, MD, Associate Professor of Family Medicine and Community Health, and Gabriela Maradiaga Panayotti, MD, Assistant Professor of Pediatrics, about the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on the Latinx community and LATIN-19’s organized efforts to advocate for needs of this community of people.