Inclusive Hiring Checklist

This section of the School of Medicine's Diversity and Inclusive Recruitment Toolkit contains a checklist for hiring new faculty, staff, and trainees in a manner that is inclusive and equitable to all. Download the checklist on this page or download it as a word document as a link below.

Inclusive Search and Recruitment Checklist

Successful inclusive search processes require planning, patience, and intentionality. Department leaders and the potential search committee chair(s) should maintain transparent, timely, and effective hiring processes. The following checklist offers some tips to improve hiring in seven main areas--click on a topic below to read about what to cover.

Department/Division/Administrative Entity

  • Review recruitment procedures, modify as necessary, and implement improved changes.
  • If available, review relevant survey or exit interview data to identify areas for improvement within climate or entity culture that may have impact on retention.

Search Committee / Interview Team

  • Determine search committee chair(s).
  • Define number of committee members.
  • Identify committee members and request participation.
  • Communicate search committee membership and members to department/center/institute.
  • Review recruitment process and distribute relevant materials.
  • Complete training in implicit/unconscious bias.

Search Plan Development

  • Establish milestones and timelines for search process.
  • Complete job summary/description.
  • Develop objective criteria used for candidate evaluation.
  • Identify candidate sourcing strategies.

Sourcing and Building a Diverse Candidate Pool

  • Implement advertising strategies.
  • Implement networking strategies.

Candidate Selection and Interview Process

  • Review and evaluate applications.
  • Identify candidates to be interviewed.
  • Initiate interview process.
  • Develop “short list” of top candidates.

Selecting Candidate for Hire

  • Evaluate interview feedback and disqualify “short list” candidates based on pre-determined objective criteria.
  • Identify primary candidate for hire.
  • Assess reasons for eliminating other candidates.

Process Review

  • Assess effectiveness of process and recommend changes for future recruitment.
  • Communicate results of committee search.
  • Communicate/share note of thanks to committee membership.