School of Medicine Inclusion Council

The Duke University School of Medicine's Inclusion Council is made of faculty, staff, and trainees from all Departments within the School of Medicine. The Inclusion Council was recently restructured into three parallel units:

  • General Body Meetings, the broadest unit, provide D&I education and networking opportunities, and are open to all current Inclusion Council members, including designated D&I members of all Departments. They meet every other month. In 2020, the General Body is scheduled to meet on January 8, March 4, and May 6 from noon-1:30. Email to learn more about this group.
  • D&I Delegates Meetings are limited to two designated members per Department, division, or institute. These meetings focus on strategic D&I initiatives to be presented to the Dean of the School of Medicine or to build on dedicated D&I efforts within various Departments. These meetings meet for 60 minutes from noon-1 p.m. The currently scheduled dates are February 5 and April 1, 2020.
  • Project Teams are agile, self-selected members of the ODI, D&I delegates, general body members, and other volunteers. These groups meet on a temporary basis to accomplish specific, deliverable projects. They meet on an as-needed basis determined by the group.

For more information about our Inclusion Council, email Jeanine Holland at