Campus Partners

D Wigfall ODI campus partners

Center for Sexual and Gender Diversity

The Center for Sexual and Gender Diversity provides education, advocacy, support, mentoring, academic engagement, and space for lesbian, gay, bisexual, pansexual, transgender, transsexual, intersex, questioning, queer and allied students, staff, and faculty at Duke. The Center for Sexual and Gender Diversity also serves and supports Duke alumni and the greater LGBTQ community.

Center on Biobehavioral Health Disparities Research

The Center on Biobehavioral Health Disparities Research, a program affiliated with the Social Science Research Institute (SSRI) at Duke University, strives to support research investigating the integration of social, behavioral, and biological aspects of health disparities.

Office for Institutional Equity (Duke University)

Duke University's Initiative on Diversity and Excellence illustrates Duke's commitment to being a place where diversity is not measured in numbers only but in the inclusive, welcoming, stimulating climate we all experience as members of this community.

Duke Health Disparities Consortium

The Duke Health Disparities Consortium (DHDC) is an interdisciplinary consortium of Duke faculty, staff and learners (students/residents/fellows) who are engaged/interested in health disparities work.

The DHDC serves as a central platform and repository to highlight current health disparities efforts across the institution and aims to increase the capacity and the synergies between our researchers, clinicians, educators, students, community partners and external academic partners resulting in greater cohesion, productivity and institutional impact on the reduction of health inequities.

Duke Health Sciences Gay-Straight Alliance

The Duke Health Sciences Gay-Straight Alliance​​ is a Duke School of Medicine organization comprised of LGBTQA students from the Medical School, School of Nursing, Physical Therapy Program, and Physician Assistant Program

Duke Med for Social Justice

Duke Med for Social Justice advocates for social justice and racial equity within the Durham and Duke communities through action, education, and dialogue.

Office for Health Equity & Disparities (OHED)

The Office of Health Equity and Disparities (OHED) at the Duke Cancer Institute (DCI) is committed to eliminating cancer disparities and to promote health equity within Durham County and surrounding areas through community engagement and education, outreach to screening programs, patient navigation for those with cancer, and research and clinical trials support activities to ensure cultural competent clinical trial education and recruitment for minorities.

Office for Institutional Equity 

The Office for Institutional Equity provides institutional leadership in enhancing respectful, diverse and inclusive work and learning environments for the Duke Community.

Samuel DuBois Cook Center on Social Equity 

The Duke Consortium on Social Equity is a scholarly collaborative engaged in the study of the causes and consequences of inequality and in the assessment and redesign of remedies for inequality and its adverse effects.