School of Medicine D&I Delegates

The School of Medicine Diversity and Inclusion Delegates are a group of appointed diversity and inclusion leaders from across the School of Medicine who have defined role, structure, and protected time/compensation to facilitate transfer of diversity best practices into local work units in partnership with ODI. The Delegates are members of the broader SOM Inclusion Council, made up of faculty, staff, and trainees from across the School.

The 57 current D&I leaders within the School of Medicine, by location, are as follows:

*Indicates Departmental D&I lead
+Indicates guest member



Adeyemi Olufolabi*, Professor of Anesthesiology

Jennifer Dominguez*, Assistant Professor


Michael Boyce,* Associate Professor of Biochemistry

Biostatistics & Bioinformatics

Laine Thomas,* Associate Professor of Biostatistics and Bioinformatics

Cell Biology

Jennifer Carbrey*, Assistant Research Professor of Cell Biology

Pia Rodriguez Salazar+, graduate student

Center for Brain Imaging & Analysis

Sharena Ballard*, Program Coordinator


Sarah Wolfe*, Assistant Professor in Dermatology

Duke Cancer Institute

Steve Patierno*, Professor of Medicine 

Duke Clinical Research Institute (DCRI)

Dana McDonald*, Director, Human Resources

Duke Global Health Institute (DGHI)

Kimberly McNeil,* Administrative Coordinator 

Sara Legrand,* Associate Research Professor of Global Health 

Duke Human Vaccine Institute (DHVI)

Kevin Saunders*, Associate Professor in Surgery 

Duke Molecular Physiology Institute (DMPI)

Michelle Arlotto*, Research Scientist

Lisa Poppe*, Research

Family Medicine & Community Health

Nadine Barrett*, Assistant Professor in Family Medicine and Community Health

Kenyon Railey*, Assistant Professor in Family Medicine and Community Health

Head and Neck Surgery

Charles Woodard*, Associate Professor, Head & Neck Surgery & Communication Sciences 


Ed Miao*, Instructor

Medical Education

Nancy Knudsen+, Assistant Dean of Learning Environment


Kevin Thomas+, Associate Professor of Medicine

Laura Svetkey*, Professor of Medicine

Molecular Genetics and Microbiology

Lawrence David*, Assistant Professor

Multicultural Resource Center

Maureen Cullins+, Director 


Melissa Segal*, Senior Business Manager


William Alexander, Director of Communications

Andrew Spector,* Associate Professor of Neurology


Priscilla M. Graham, MBA, Director of Human Resources

Isaac Karikari*, Associate Professor of Neurosurgery

Obstetrics and Gynecology

Sarahn Wheeler*, Assistant Professor of Obstetrics and Gynecology

Office of Diversity and Inclusion

William Alexander, Director of Communications

Johnna Frierson, Assistant Dean, Graduate & Postdoc Diversity and Inclusion

Jeanine Holland, Operations and Outreach Coordinator 

Judy Seidenstein, Associate Dean for Diversity and Inclusion

Lori Snider, Administrative Partner

Dane Whicker*, Medical Instructor, Department of Psychiatry & Behavioral Sciences


Goldis Malek*, Associate Professor in Ophthalmology


Ashley Poole+, Medical Instructor in Orthopaedic Surgery

Erica Taylor*, Assistant Professor of Orthopaedic Surgery 


Anne Buckley*, Associate Professor, Pathology Clinical Services


Victoria Parente*, Assistant Professor of Pediatrics

Delbert Wigfall*, Professor of Pediatrics

Pharmacology & Cancer Biology

James Alvarez*, Assistant Professor

Physician Assistant Program

Lovest Alexander*, Assistant Professor in Family Medicine and Community Health

Population Health Sciences

Tomi Akinyemiju*, Associate Professor

Private Diagnostic Clinics (PDC)


Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences

Ernestine Briggs-King*, Associate Professor, Child & Fam Mental Health & Dev Neuro

Christine Marx+,  Professor of Psychiatry and Behavioral Science

Lynn Labuda*, Senior Business Manager

Dane Whicker*, Medical Instructor, Department of Psychiatry & Behavioral Sciences

Annise Weaver*, Administrative Manager

Radiation Oncology

Nicole Larrier*, Associate Professor


Connie Kim*, Assistant Professor of Radiology

Laura Heyneman*, Professor of Radiology

School of Medicine

Nicholas Jeffreys+, Director, Human Resources


Linda Cendales*, Associate Professor of Surgery

Kunoor Jain-Spangler, Assistant Professor of Surgery