The Office of Biomedical Graduate Diversity (OBGD) contributes to the diverse scientific climate within the Biomedical Graduate Programs in the School of Medicine and School of Nursing. The office works to bring talented underrepresented graduate students to Duke and to enrich their experiences over the course of their doctoral studies. OBGD hosts a series of programs including professional development opportunities, academic enrichment groups, mentoring programs, and social activities. We are dedicated to maintaining a climate of inclusiveness and celebrating the richly unique scientific community at Duke University.  

Watch some of our students describe their experiences.

If you believe you may need and qualify for reasonable accommodations, please visit Duke's Disability Management System (DMS)  for detailed information and procedures.

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905 S. LaSalle Street
GSRB I, Room 2073
DUMC 103865
Durham, NC 27710


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DUMC 103865
Durham, NC 27710
Phone:  919-613-1825



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