Moments to Movement Strategic Plan

Report Cover for the Moments to Movement Strategic plan

In June 2021, the Duke University School of Medicine released its Moments to Movement strategic plan, “Dismantling Racism and Advancing Equity, Diversity and Inclusion in the School of Medicine.” This plan reflects the work of four constituent-based committees, with input from across the School of Medicine community and support from an oversight committee.

Underlying these efforts is a vision of enduring change, whereby our efforts, actions, and decisions will create both the structural and cultural change required to advance our vision of a just, inclusive, equitable and anti-racist School of Medicine.

Strategic Plan Framework

Our Goals

  1. Enhance racial diversity and equity, inclusion and respect for all of our constituents
  2. Advance careers among underrepresented racial and ethnic (URE) groups in medicine, biomedical science and technology
  3. Catalyze anti-racist practice through education of our current and future workforce
  4. Stimulate and promote evidence-based discoveries and their translation to reduce racial health disparities, promote equity, and improve health
  5. Establish our School as a transformative leader in anti-racism and social justice education and research


Our Priorities

Cultivate an inclusive, equitable and anti-racist environment;  Nurture, reward and attract outstanding talent;  Advance education and training to support an anti racist workforce;  Develop anti-racist, equity-centered and community engaged research practices;  Ensure sustainability by strengthening leadership capacity and organizational accountability


Critical Enablers 

Each item is an arrow pointing to the next: Organizational Structure; Data and Transparency; Partnerships; Communications; Resource Allocations; Development and Alumni Relations


Read the full plan or explore the highlights:


As you read this plan, consider the actions you might take individually, with your teams, and in your local units to support our collective goals. Each of you will play an important role in advancing our mission to dismantle racism and promote equity, diversity and inclusion at Duke and beyond.

Dean Mary E. Klotman, MD