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Walk of Solidarity

The Duke University School of Medicine welcomes your help in its effort to dismantle systematic racism and create a more diverse, equitable and inclusive institution and world. Creating a School that is both anti-racist and welcoming for all members of our community will take individual effort as well as commitment on a system-wide level. Here are ways you can get involved or show your support.

In the video above, Lindon Pearson, financial management analyst for the Department of Surgery, and Taylor Sparks-Fulkner, a first-year student in the School's Master's of Biomedical Sciences program, discuss how anti-racism and the Moments to Movement initiative will make the School a better place for all of its members.

Zoom Backgrounds and Email Signatures

The Duke University School of Medicine has made M2M, Black Lives Matter, and anti-racism Zoom backgrounds and email signatures available for all of its employees. All of these resources are completely voluntary. Please use them if and as you are inclined or share them with any members of the Duke community. Find those resources here.

Anti-Racism Resources

Our body of knowledge involving health disparities, systematic racism, anti-racism, and how to make progress is growing rapidly. The Office of Diversity and Inclusion has created a list of resources that provide information and resources to educate people about institutional racism and anti-racism, combat institutional racism, and help people of color engage in self-care and stay safe. Find them here.

Contact Us

We welcome your feedback, ideas, suggestions for future work, or news about progress made within your Department, Center, or organization. Complete this anonymous form to get in touch with our anti-racism committees.