What Makes Me a Scientist

What Makes Me a Scientist

What Makes Me a Scientist?” is a program which highlights the unique skills, experiences and perspectives that different people bring to their scientific careers and the diversity of pathways. Being a scientist is more than what is listed on a CV and is not only defined by a career at the bench.  Scientists have unique characteristics, behaviors, and interests that help them succeed.  In this series, we are honored to have our speakers share their personal story, insight, and experiences while engaging in thoughtful discussion about diversity and inclusion in STEM.

The series is open to the entire Duke community and hopefully encourages many of our students in underrepresented backgrounds to consider scientific careers who may have otherwise found the field to be uninteresting or unattainable.  

Recent What Makes Me a Scientist Events: 

  • Corey Harwell, PhD from Harvard Medical School

    Friday, December 13th 10-11AM​

  • Daniel Colon Ramos, PhD from Yale University (Duke PhD Alum 2003)  

    Tuesday, November 12th, 2019 12-1pm​