Online Course: Intentional Life Design For Physicians

October 11, 2019 - 8:00pm
Intentional Life Design

Intentional Life Design for Physicians

Tools to Recover Your Calling


Find yourself thinking “I don’t feel excited about my work anymore. Did I choose the right career?” or maybe “I love what I do. How can I connect more with my commitment to medicine?”

Intentional Life Design for Physicians is an online course made for doctors seeking to improve their experience with work and their lives. In this short and self-paced course, exclusively for Duke alumni, you will learn a framework to manage the inevitable stressors and challenges experienced while practicing medicine and how to stay connected with why you started. Intentional Life Design is built out of the instructors’ experiences as an ethicist and researcher on the moral and professional formation of physicians, and as a physician executive coach. Join our instructors, Dr. Farr Curlin and Dr. Ryan Bayley, to learn more about how you can live in accordance with what is important to you

Registration deadline: October 8.

Class starts October 11.