Neurobiology Virtual Seminar Series

May 5, 2020 - 12:00pm to 1:00pm
Debby Silver, PhD

Debby Silver, PhD, will present "From development to disease: post-transcriptional mechanisms governing corticogenesis" on Zoom. Please email for connection information. Abstract:The Silver lab broadly aims to elucidate fundamental mechanisms controlling cortical development and evolution, including those relevant for neurodevelopmental pathologies. Towards this, we investigate embryonic neurogenesis and the molecular regulation of progenitors, from mice to humans. This talk will focus on our efforts to understand critical but poorly understood layers of RNA regulation within radial glial progenitors. Using novel mouse models, we have discovered essential translation factors which control cortical development and contribute to microcephaly, autism, and intellectual disability. In parallel lines of inquiry, our lab has used live imaging to demonstrate that radial glia exhibit local translation at the pia. We have characterized local transcriptomes and proteomes of radial glia, enabling us to form new hypotheses regarding how local RNA regulation shapes cortical architecture. Our ongoing studies indicate that identification and characterization of RNA binding proteins and the network of mRNAs they regulate in radial glia is a fruitful direction for understanding cortical development and disease.