Assessment of Physical Function From the Patient Perspective to Inform Decision-Making

July 22, 2021 - 3:30pm to 5:00pm
Dr. Theresa Coles

Dr. Coles will discuss key aspects of what is known and unknown about using patient-reported outcome measures to evaluate physical functioning. She will:

1. Discuss how physical functioning is conceptualized and what aspects are most important to patients within different populations, including the general population, those with a recent diagnosis and receiving treatment, and/or those with an ongoing chronic disease

2. Present the design for a current study to develop consensus-based recommendations for evaluating physical functioning in oncologic clinical trials.

3. Discuss next steps for research on patient-reported physical functioning.

Join in person via Zoom
330-5PM EDT
Meeting ID: 961 7319 7974

About Our Speaker:
Dr. Coles is an Assistant Professor in the Department of Population Health Sciences and a member of the Center for Health Measurement at the Duke University School of Medicine. She is a health outcomes researcher and uses qualitative and psychometric methods to develop and evaluate patient-reported outcome measures for use in clinical care and clinical trials. Her work falls into two primary pillars: First, Dr. Coles is interested in integrating PRO measures into clinical care to support shared decision-making for managing treatment goals and identifying symptoms/functioning in patients to help them get the care they need in a timely manner. Second, Dr. Coles is interested in enhancing the assessment of physical function and related constructs to inform decision-making in clinical trials and clinical care.