Research Training and Career Development

For Students/Trainees

Which grant is appropriate for you? [PDF file]
Fellowship (F) Grants
Training (T) Grants
Career Development (K) Grants
Foundation Grants
Resources for putting together your grant

For Program Directors

Boilerplate language for applications
Standard tables for applications
Sample training grants
Internal application forms
Skill-building opportunities
Trainee tracking system

For PIs and Study Coordinators

Duke Office of Clinical Research Training Opportunities
Training on Human Subjects Research at Duke

Fellowship (F) Grants

NIH Individual Fellowship (F) Grants
– F30 – for predoctoral MD/PhD candidates
– F31 – for predoctoral PhD or MD/PhD candidates
– F32 – for postdoctoral candidates
Fellowship grants are co-written by the mentor/sponsor and the candidate.
Proposal must include a training plan, a research proposal, and plans for instruction in the responsible conduct of research.