School of Medicine Research

Basic Science Research

A collaborative environment where scientists address problems of fundamental importance.

Clinical and Translational Research

Duke is translating basic science discoveries into knowledge, programs and treatments that improve human health

Core Research Facilities

Access 30+ state-of-the-art shared research facilities

Clinical Trial Information for Patients and the Public

Find out why you should participate in clinical trials

Research Integrity Office

manages research related personal and institutional conflicts of interest

Office of Audit, Risk and Compliance

implements "compliant culture" appropriate to an academic medical center

Office of Research Development

provides services to investigators to help ensure submission of high quality grant applications

Centers and Institutes

Researchers collaborate at a broad range of centers and institutes.

Transforming Medicine and Health Through Scientific Research

The Duke University School of Medicine strives to transform medicine and health, locally and globally, through innovative scientific research and rapid translation of breakthrough discoveries. This research extends from the bench to the bedside -- from the basics of biology to the best practices in caring for the wide range of human diseases.






Learn more about a new initiative aimed at enhancing research opportunities for collaboration between School of Medicine and Pratt School of Engineering
faculty members and students.

Research Resources

  • DukeQuEST - Quality and Excellence in Scientific Translation - The goal of this Duke School of Medicine initiative is to ensure the scientific quality and integrity of research that lays the foundation for human studies.
  • Interdisciplinary Colloquia - The SoM offers several ongoing interdisciplinary colloquia which bring together investigators from the clinical, basic and translational research arenas
  • Mousebase@Duke is a user-populated online database of research mouse model strains used and maintained by Duke investigators that enables investigators to search locally available mouse models using a number of criteria.
  • Research Support Offices - These various offices support basic science and/or clinical research


Reporting Research Concerns

Any concerns related to human research, animal research, conflict of interest, research misconduct, research financial accounting, research safety or other research compliance matters can be reported through the IntegrityLine: 1-800-826-8109 

The IntegrityLine is a telephone hotline open 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. You can call the hotline to report a concern without giving your name. Your call will not be traced. If you want to leave your name to help answer questions about the situation, your confidentiality will be protected to the extent the law allows.

Research Contacts

Raphael Valdivia, Ph.D.Mark Stacy, M.D.
Vice Dean, Basic Science Vice Dean, Clinical Research