Duke University Ethics & Compliance Office


On August 1, 2013, the functions of the Institutional Ethics and Compliance Program (IECP) were transferred and merged with the School of Medicine Compliance Office. Tina R. Tyson, JD, formerly the Chief Compliance Officer of the School of Medicine, became the Duke University Chief Ethics and Compliance Officer and the combined offices became the Duke University Ethics and Compliance Office.

  • The Program has oversight responsibilities for compliance activities across Duke.
  • The Program is led by an Institutional Compliance Steering Committee (ICSC), comprised of the President (as Chair), the Chancellor of the Health System, the Provost, the Executive Vice President, the Dean of the School of Medicine, the General Counsel and a Dean appointed by the President (currently the Dean of the Engineering School). The Executive Director of Internal Audits serves as the administrative lead of the committee.
  • While Duke University Health System (DUHS) participates in a collaborative manner, compliance issues related solely to DUHS are the responsibility of the DUHS Chief Compliance Officer and the DUHS Board.

The Duke University Ethics and Compliance Office:

  • Provides the vision for institutional compliance and articulate corporate values;
  • Ensures that the program meets the elements of the Federal Sentencing Guidelines related to effective compliance programs;
  • Defines levels of acceptable risk;
  • Visibly supports compliance efforts; and
  • Evaluates and responds to instances of noted noncompliance.

The role of the office is to provide expertise, consultation and assessment in matters of compliance as well as to facilitate implementation of a "compliant culture" appropriate to a top-ten university with an academic medical center.

In accordance with this mission, the office conducts compliance reviews related to Human Subjects Research Compliance, Clinical Trials Billing Compliance, Research Financial Compliance and other regulatory risk areas identified as part of the institutional risk assessment.

Tina R. Tyson, JD, the Duke University Chief Ethics and Compliance Officer, reports to the Audit Committee of the Duke University Board of Trustees through the Chancellor for Health Affairs and the Chief Audit Executive.


Tina R. Tyson, JD, Chief Ethics and Compliance Officer (Bio)
Phone: 919.684.2475
E-mail: tina.tyson@duke.edu 


Duke University Compliance & Fraud Hotline:  (800) 849-9793

Duke Medicine Integrity Line: (800) 826-8109

HIPAA Privacy Line:  (800) 688-1867

Animal Welfare Hotline:  (919) 684-3535