Radiation Oncology

Christopher G. Willett, M.D.

Donna Wimberley

Business Manager
Terry Brewer


Office: 05143A Morris Building
Campus PO Box: 3085
Phone: (919) 668-5640 FAX: (919) 688-7345

Web: http://www.radonc.duke.edu/
 The Department of Radiation Oncology consists of 53 clinical and research faculty members, 14 students, 11 residents, and an esteemed Radiation Physics Division. The department’s four core missions are to provide expert, compassionate, and prompt clinical service to our patients; to generate new knowledge concerning the causes, prevention, and treatment of cancer; to transmit new knowledge from clinical and laboratory research to the medical community and the public; and to actively participate in, and further the missions of, the Duke Cancer Institute, Duke University Medical Center, and Duke University.

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